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The Worried Old Lady…

The Worried Old Lady - Richard Broom Photography
The Worried Old Lady – Richard Broom Photography

5 Responses to “The Worried Old Lady…”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    Many thanks John and sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Just not enough hours in the day….and I’m meant to be retired!!! Podcast project taking up acres of time. Next podcast on Morse Code – work in progress. The technique is the new Photoshop Neural Filter. It takes the characteristics of one image and applies them to another. Limited control at the moment and only a small group of source images to play with and so the uplift is done by Photoshop with hardly any input from me. Just something else to play with on the computer when I should be doing something more productive!! Watching your elections with interest. Who knows who you are going to end up with running the country!! Looks like a tight race. I’m not sure I would want to be running a country when I was in my 70s!!!

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  2. John

    OK, I’ve never used anything Photoshop. I find it far too complex and confusing. I absolutely avoid anything whatsoever to do with the election, Richard. I’m sick of the TV commercials, the hate on social media. There’s way too much riding on this election…


  3. John

    Americans are more divided now than ever before as far as I can tell, Richard. The old cliche’ says Divide and Conquer. I say the devil is behind it all…


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