The Morse Code

You might think that Morse code had died out long ago. Here’s a recording of what is known as a ‘pile up.’ About 11 seconds into the recording, you’ll hear Radio Amateur enthusiasts around the world trying to make contact with one person who has a rare callsign. Radio Amateurs record the contacts (AKA QSOs) with other Radio Amateurs around the world and collect contacts like other people collect rare stamps. The Morse code is alive and well!

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  1. John – John is a Michigan native, 61 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites, both self-hosted and on the side. I enjoy WordPress and Instagram. Thanks for visiting my humble photoblog.
    John says:

    that’s a huge pileup!

  2. Hi Richard….. Wow…. what a “zoo” that lot is….. very apt considering that next weekend is the biggest contest on the planet… CQWW…. I have been messing about getting the antennas up to spec ready to join in and hopefully catch that little bit of rare dx thats sometimes about when the contest season fires in…. hope to catch you next weekend… or next month if its only c.w. you do…. also…nice post…. 73’s and gud dx…. G7IMO… aka Don….

  3. Many thanks Lyndon. I’ve only returned to Amateur Radio recently. Have acquired some new equipment and an aerial. I was G4LFE, now GM4LFE! I’m not sure about competitions but I will tune in and see what’s going on. I’m all CW here. The transceiver does have a microphone but never used!!

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