4 Replies to “The Monochromatic Mess of Creels…”

  1. I like your still life.
    I love nautical things. When I was 4-5 my mother took me on a few ocean voyages from the US to AU. A sailor on board nicknamed me Port. I thought you might appreciate the double meaning. – Sherry

  2. The meaning of the word Posh (port out, starboard home). The wealthier passengers got to travel on the breezier side of the boats in the days before air-conditioning came along. And yes, Sherry – a witty sailor! The paint cans just caught my eye. We’re still in lock-down in Scotland but I work at the harbour in Macduff at the weekend and so I go around photographing silly things. Cheers Port!!

  3. Thanks for the posh etimology.

  4. A pleasure. British slang. And then there is Cockney Rhyming Slang – even more confusing for non-Londoners (dog and bone = phone, apples and pears = stairs, north and south = mouth…..and there are so many more!)

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