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The Car Park

The Car Park - Richard Broom Photography
The Car Park – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The Car Park”

  1. John

    A great perspective, Richard! Are all license plates yellow (or yellah as I’d say) in The UK?

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Yes, yellow and reflective. They have to be so that the speed cameras can read your number plate. We have some really sneaky cameras over here called Average Speed Cameras. You pass the first camera which notes the time, your speed and your numberplate and, a little further down the road there is a second camera which also notes the time, reads you plate and notes your speed. Then the two cameras talk to each other and work out your average speed between the cameras and, if, between the cameras, your average speed exceeds the speed limit, you get a ticket. I’m told there is no human intervention. A computer somewhere sends you a ticket and you have to pay up. There is also talk of intelligent cameras which will monitor all cars on the road and charge a tax per mile. Faster drivers to pay more. Not sure when those delightful things will start to arrive. It really puts you off driving in this country.

  3. John

    We have the speed cams here in the city too but I think they work different? Charge a tax per mile! Seriously? That sounds like a great reason to leave any country, the greed! You apparently pay your taxes once per yer I am guessing, then you are hit with a new tax each time you go for a ride – that is ludicrous!!

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    One thing we can be sure of in the UK is that the crooked politicians will try to squeeze every last penny out of us. One of the benefits of living in Scotland is we’re not in England!

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