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The Rusty Chain

The Rusty Chain - Richard Broom Photography
The Rusty Chain – Richard Broom Photography

10 Responses to “The Rusty Chain”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    Thank you. There are lots of rusty things around the shipyard. The salt air quickly corrodes metal. If you were a painter living here in Banff or MacDuff, you would never be out of work!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Nope, rust worm everywhere!! The new epoxy paints seem to work well these days. We had epoxy paint on the hull of our boat in Holland. Still good after six year but then we were in fresh water.

  3. John

    So you had to grow your land legs back! Do you miss the boat and Holland?

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    Yes, we do miss the boat but we also enjoy living here in the far north. If we were wealthier, we would have kept the boat but Brexit also became a problem for us. It would be very hard for us to trust this useless government of ours to look after British folk who just happened to live in mainland Europe after Brexit is finalised. In fact it would be difficult for us to trust the UK government to do anything. They’re a total screw-up. We fall into the remain camp. Leaving the EU is, for us, the biggest act of self harm, ever. But, as you probably know, people have very different views over here. We are a country divided (and for no good reason!!!).

  5. John

    I am not qualified to have an opinion but I do, that is why did the UK even join that hive of socialism? It was a bad idea, period. I don’t trust the crooks in Virginia either.

  6. Richard Broom Photography

    I might have agreed with you but, having lived in the Netherlands for six years, my view changed considerably. The Dutch, German and French politicians are far more capable than the motley bunch of half-wits we have to endure in the UK. And so, I would rather trust politicians from across that water than trust our own bums and stiffs. And, the politicians in mainland Europe are from all sorts of political backgrounds and because of this probably have to work hard to reach agreement but, at the same time, they are pragmatic and just get things done. Our politicians, especially the Conservative Party, pretty much have their noses in the trough and their record is appalling. The Dutch are interesting. Much of the Netherlands is below sea level and so they have to work hard to protect themselves and constantly. I believe this translates, across the board, into sound and realistic politics and so a great deal of planning and thought goes into their decision making processes. Our British (so-called) Government waits for disaster to strike (i.e. Covid-19) and then run around like headless chickens. It is pitiful to watch!!

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