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The Snow Storm in May…

Snow in May? Who would have believed it?

The Snow Storm in May - Richard Broom Photography
The Snow Storm in May – Richard Broom Photography

5 Responses to “The Snow Storm in May…”

  1. John

    The same odd weather is going on over here too, Richard. Crazy!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    I don’t think I have ever seen snow in May before – but then we live way up north in Scotland and so just a little bit nearer to the polar ice cap than we used to be. The odd thing was, this cold snap was preceded by some glorious weather. Everything is upside down these days!

  3. John

    Stay warm my friend. You are so very further north than I…

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    Oh yes but we also have our own micro-climate in and around Banff. Very much colder than Nevada but I like it here. The people we bought the house from had massively insulated the building and so we are never cold at home. We’re heated by North Sea gas and, increasingly, the wind turbines which seem to be growing like mushrooms everywhere!

  5. John

    I’m glad your home is well insulated, very important in northern climes. Sorry about the turbins…

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