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  1. Inge David – Belgium / West Flanders – Ik ben steeds meer gepassioneerd door zwart-wit fotografie! Maar ik probeer alles vast te leggen dat ik leuk vind! Ik heb een grote liefde voor alles op wielen! Veel dank aan iedereen die de tijd neemt om mijn foto's te bekijken, leuk te vinden en erop te reageren! ******************* I am increasingly passionate about black and white photography! But i try to capture everything that I like! I have a great love for everything on wheels ! Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to look, like and comment on my pictures it's much appreciate!
    Inge David says:

    Great détails

  2. Thank you but a bad case rust. This winch is heading for the scrap heap…duty done…

  3. Still, it looks as though some surrealist got hold of it. 😊

  4. Nature eating away at the metal. Time and tide waits for no man!

  5. No, I guess we all end up On the scrap heap. I’m really terrible!

  6. Not quite on the scrap heap yet but certainly getting old and rusty!!!

  7. Well, we walk between 5 and 10 Km per day with the dog and here in Scotland, unlike our former home in Holland, there are HILLS! It all keeps the heart pumping but my knees creak from time to time. At the moment, wishing for some of your Florida weather.

  8. The weather is beautiful here now. I’ve never been to Scotland, enjoy your walks!

  9. I think you would find the weather here, in comparison to Florida, bracing! You must come over but I would recommend coming in summer. Summer is usually on a Thursday!

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