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The Houses on the Clifftop

The Houses on the Clifftop - Richard Broom Photography
The Houses on the Clifftop, Banff, Scotland – Richard Broom Photography

2 Responses to “The Houses on the Clifftop”

  1. John

    That’s a big home! It reminds me of the very large homes here.

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    The view they have from those houses is just wonderful. A panoramic view of the Moray Firth. Just after we bought the house we’re now in (we do have a partial view of the sea), another house just along from the houses in the photograph came up for sale; same price as this house but with a wonderful view over the sea. But, where we are, we’re in a little dip and so we’re sheltered from the winter winds and so no complaints (and no scorpions!).

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