The Rock Pool Day

I have a 100mm lens that I hardly ever use but I took it for a spin on the beach today and took photographs in the rock pools when the tide was out. And so, get ready for the rock pool and dog series!

The Rock Pool Day – Richard Broom Photography

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  1. Thanks you. On a beautiful day to day, me and the dog poke around in the rock pools. Such a variety of life in the pools. We’re lucky, the sea water here in Scotland is crystal clear (and very cold!).

  2. Those little pools are a world unto themselves! Great photo!

  3. They are – each one is its own little Universe. Who knows what’s going on down there!

  4. I’m sure you might have some poetry for tide pools….

  5. I do! I actually do have a poem on my blog about tide pools!

  6. Then I will make some more photographs, especially for you!

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