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The RNLI Window

People I have met from overseas find it hard to believe that, in the UK, the lifeboats which are used to rescue people in distress at sea are operated by a charity, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, and many of the lifeboat crews who risk their lives to save others are unpaid volunteers. As far as I am aware, the RNLI receives no state aid. But, the RNLI is probably better off without UK Government support or intervention. The UK Government (such as it is) would, based on their behaviour right now, only mess things up and lie about the number of lifeboats we have!

The RNLI Window - Richard Broom Photography
The RNLI Window – Richard Broom Photography

7 Responses to “The RNLI Window”

  1. John

    I have heard of these people Richard, God bless them! I agree, likely better off without government interference.

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    And, since the post, the government seems to making an art form out of screwing up. They really are a sorry bunch of wasters. A leaked report today says the government was warned in 2017 about the possibility of a pandemic and it would appear the chose to ignore the report and the recommendations in it. Had the recommendations been followed we would have a lot less dead people. I can’t begin to imagine how people who have lost friends and relatives to this awful virus feel. Very angry I would imagine. My feeling is that this sorry bunch of losers we call a government should do two things, first, they should hang their sorry heads in shame and, second, they should resign and allow more capable people to take control.

  3. John

    Abdicate! I agree Richard when it comes to our federal morons in WashinKton. Stupid government is spreading…

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