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The Missing Wheels

After this posting, there was some debate about where the front wheels for this crane truck were. This image solves the mystery. The front wheels are set back and, in front of the front wheel assembly, there are the extendable jacks which keep the truck from tipping over when the crane part of the truck is lifting heavy weights.

The Missing Wheels - Richard Broom Photography
The Missing Wheels – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The Missing Wheels”

  1. John

    It’s centre of gravity is such that the front wheels aren’t needed. Nice truck!!


  2. Richard Broom Photography

    I think it is so the hydraulic ramps can extend and jack the truck up when they use the crane. I’ll have to try and get an image when they are doing some craning work to solve that mystery John.


  3. lyndon

    Richard, Nice pic, and also a nice paintjob on the crane…. mind you it is nice and new…. wonder what something like that would cost… a right pretty penny I should imagine…73’s Lynd.


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