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The sunset over the Moray Firth

The sunset over the Moray Firth - Richard Broom Photography
The sunset over the Moray Firth – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The sunset over the Moray Firth”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    A Scottish word I think. It usually means inlet. The Moray Firth (where we live) is a huge chunk of water biting into the Scottish coastline. The Scots have their own language, gaelic and, in our area, doric. When the Romans invaded the British Isle, they managed to get quite a way north but couldn’t beat the Scots into submission and so, instead, the Romans built a wall, Hadrian’s Wall (still there in part) to keep the Scots out of England. Somehow this is redolent of today’s politics!!! And so, in some areas of the UK (Wales, Ireland, Scotland) the ‘pre-Roman’ languages survived. We have a radio station here which broadcasts in gaelic. I don’t understand a word! I suspect Firth might be from gaelic.

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  2. John

    Amazing, thank you, Richard. Romans suck…😂 I saw that wall again on TV recently.


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