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  1. Hi Richard, Love the reflection in the water of the bow…. I suppose with the Covid-19 virus, many of the fisherman are doing repairs eh…. How’s your job holding up…????? ….73’s Lyndon

  2. Yes, this fish markets are closed and so it is difficult for fisherman to land and sell their catch. Many of them are tied up in port waiting for the lockdown to end. It’s a difficult time for the fishermen, their families and the other people involved with the fishing industry. We’re still working but I sit in splendid isolation answering the radio calls which are few and far between. I trust you and your family are keeping well.

  3. Yes, we are all fine here Richard thank you…. apart from not being able to get out to where we would like due to the lockdown… but we can’t grumble, the scenery will still be there for when we are able to visit….. thats the main thing…. stay safe… 73’s Lyndon

  4. Many thanks Lyndon. Promising signs around the world but I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.

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