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The Pair of Balls…

A fine pair of balls…

The Pair of Balls - Richard Broom Photography
The Pair of Balls – Richard Broom Photography

5 Responses to “The Pair of Balls…”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    Many thanks John. I think I am starting to suffer from Lockdown Syndrome!!! I’m running out of things to take photographs of. There are hardly any boat movements and so no new boats to photograph and there are only so many images of the harbour I can take. I’ll be pleased when this lockdown is over but no sign of it here yet. Our government continues to screw up at every turn. They really are hopeless!!

  2. John

    How about photos along your walks with your dog? Or your ham radio gear?

  3. Richard Broom Photography

    Yes! When this virus is behind us (hopefully soon), I’m hoping to plant a vertical in our back garden (a yard in the US I think!). Need to dig a hole and put a post in to support the vertical. Trouble is, all the merchants are closed down and so it isn’t possible to buy cement, poles etc. But, when I do get to it, it might make an interesting post and I really should fire up the IC-7000. Perhaps I’ll do it from the harbour at the weekends. Watch this space!

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