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The Map for John!

I’ve been talking to John in Nevada about the need for exercise. We are lucky, we live in a sparsely populated area and so we can take our dog for long morning walks without meeting many (or any) people. The problem is, the 5 Km walk doesn’t offset the intake of chocolate hobnobs (an essential food item surely?). Here’s our route map.

PS: map tipped over sideways so it will fit on the page better.

And here’s the beach

5 Responses to “The Map for John!”

  1. John

    Nice beach photo Richard! Your faithful companion is ready to play I see. That’s a long walk according to the map, wow! I could walk it but would have to make many stops because of my back. Thanks for the mention Richard. 😎

  2. John

    That can be tough for me too, In get stiff if I set around too long. I have three herniated Lower Lumbar in my back, when they go out I can’t even get on or off the couch. so incredibly painful! I have a permanent handicap tag for my truck because of that.

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