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The Sunrise

The Sunrise - Richard Broom Photography
The Sunrise – Richard Broom Photography

8 Responses to “The Sunrise”

  1. John

    Always have a camera handy, even if it’s just a phone cam!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    I’m working out of our motorhome in the harbour to avoid having to use the harbour office – social distancing. This means I can bring all my kit with me but, last week, I fell of my bike (silly old fool) and damaged my precious 100-400mm telephoto lens. Canon workshops in this country (and probably all other countries) are closed because of the virus and so I’ll have to manage without my favourite lens for a while…

  3. John

    Oh man, that’s awful Richard!! I hope you can get it repaired or replaced soon. Great idea to use your motorhome, safer! I recently replaced my old Nikon D3300 with a Nikon Z6 body. It came with a 24-70mm lens I think, never used one before but it’s a great lens. I still need to get the 70-200mm zoom though…

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