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  1. lulu – Houston, TX & Rockport, ME – I am a fiber artist with special emphasis on weaving, but I love working with threads and cloth in a variety of mediums. New ideas, new ways of connecting threads are the spice of life.
    lulu says:

    This shot is so full of detail giving great sense of place.

  2. Very many thanks for the kind comments. Richard

  3. Inge David – Belgium / West Flanders – Ik ben steeds meer gepassioneerd door zwart-wit fotografie! Maar ik probeer alles vast te leggen dat ik leuk vind! Ik heb een grote liefde voor alles op wielen! Veel dank aan iedereen die de tijd neemt om mijn foto's te bekijken, leuk te vinden en erop te reageren! ******************* I am increasingly passionate about black and white photography! But i try to capture everything that I like! I have a great love for everything on wheels ! Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to look, like and comment on my pictures it's much appreciate!
    Inge David says:

    Beautiful shot and view !

  4. Hi Richard, Just found your site, with a wealth of really interesting photos, some very nice shots Richard, as a fellow ham, (g7imo, and being a tech geek as well) I was wondering if you could give me a rundown on the camera(s) and lenses used, as the clarity of some of the pics is really top notch…. needless to say I will also be a “new follower” from now on as well…. glad I dropped by… BR, Lyndon

  5. Hello again Lyndon. sorry for the delay in replying. I’m G4LFE or, more precisely, GM4LFE now we live in Scotland. I’m not sure how long it will take to get used to having the ‘M’ in my callsign. I’m not very active at the moment but have plans to get back on the air soon. I need to put a concrete base into the garden to support a vertical aerial. Small garden and so only a vertical will work. All hardware stores and builders merchants closed at the moment and so no concrete! I’m an HF man and also exclusively CW. I occasionally stray on to VHF but not often. And thank you for following. Best wishes. Richard

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