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The Seaker

I’ve taken photographs of the Seaker before but this one from the top of the harbour wall (a sheer drop down into the sea – EEK!)

The Seaker - Richard Broom Photography
The Seaker – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The Seaker”

  1. John

    You’ve got a nice crop of boats in that harbor, Richard!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    We have, especially at the moment as everyone and everything pretty much is in lockdown and we heart the lockdown might continue into May now. Signs that the virus cases might be peaking but a disturbingly high number of people have sadly died. Who would have believed that, in this day an age, we could be so fiercely ravaged by such a thing. Hope you are remaining safe over there.

  3. John

    It’s so very sad, Richard. I have no idea how long this will go on but let’s hope it’s over very soon.

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