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The Chinese Restaurant at 2 Crook O’Ness Street

…closed of course…

The Chinese Restaurant on Crook O'Ness Street - Richard Broom Photography
The Chinese Restaurant at 2 Crook O’Ness Street – Richard Broom Photography

6 Responses to “The Chinese Restaurant at 2 Crook O’Ness Street”

  1. John

    Over here it’s the three digit area code then a three digit prefix then four more numbers.


  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Our system is a complete mixture but we tend to have a locality (town, city) code. Banff (and surrounding area) is 01261 followed by the subscribers number. London and other big cities have specific code. London is 020. The system doesn’t always make a lot sense but then many of our systems don’t. We became metric about 50 years ago (1970 I think) and yet we still have miles and still drink pints. But, we buy milk and petrol (gasoline!) in litres. We’re one very mixed up country!

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  3. John

    That is different! I’m glad the States never went officially to Metric but it’s used here plenty. I noticed via the internet that you still use miles and such, good news to me!


  4. Richard Broom Photography

    I guess they didn’t want to remake call the road signs over here. The only advantage of kilometres is they count down a little more quickly on journeys – even thought the distance is the same! I wonder if, one day, they’ll metricise the Longitude and Latitude system and the calendar. We might end up with a 10-month year!!!


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