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The Gird Your Loins Image

I’m not sure why the phrase ‘Gird Your Loins’ sprang to mind when I created the image below (lockdown lunacy). Perhaps the rope had something to do with it. The image overall looks, I think, like some kind of strange space alien warrior. I can’t help thinking, also, that this is a female space alien. The image was created using a Photoshop plugin from Flaming Pear.

And, I searched on ‘gird your loins’ and found the second image in this post which brought me to a some wonderful art and illustrations by Ted Slampyak Kinyak his site is really worth looking at. You’ll find some wonderful illustrations on Ted’s site (click here to visit).

And so now, you can go out and gird up your loins……

Image by Ted Slampyak Kinyak

The Final Farewell

The time has arrived for my iPad cover to go into the recycling bin. It was battered but doing very well but the cover started to fall apart and then the magnets in the cover, which shut the iPad down when the cover is closed, got lost and so my iPad would remain ‘lit up’ when not in use and the battery would discharge. And so, my faithful old iPad cover with its many badges, scars and many air miles will go off in the recycling truck and might be reborn as something else. Farewell old friend.

The Final Farewell
The Final Farewell – Richard Broom Photography

The ‘not quite the ticket image…’

Do you ever take a photograph which is terrible, breaks all the rules, and yet you still like it? Here’s an image, shot into sun, badly composed, loads of lens flare, cluttered, lots of grain and probably not entirely in focus but, who cares. There’s no such thing as a bad image!! Maybe this will be the moneymaker!

The 'not quite the ticket image…' - Richard Broom Photography
The ‘not quite the ticket image…’ – Richard Broom Photography

The Map for John!

I’ve been talking to John in Nevada about the need for exercise. We are lucky, we live in a sparsely populated area and so we can take our dog for long morning walks without meeting many (or any) people. The problem is, the 5 Km walk doesn’t offset the intake of chocolate hobnobs (an essential food item surely?). Here’s our route map.

PS: map tipped over sideways so it will fit on the page better.

And here’s the beach
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