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The Quick Brown Dog?

Those of us (and we are a vanishing breed) who can send and receive Morse code will be able to pick out ‘The Quick Brown Dog’ sent in Morse code from this interesting video. I think it should be ‘The Quick Brown Fox’ but who cares. There was a time when I earned my living sending and receiving Morse code messages. Hard to believe these days but it does prove that I am a VERY OLD MAN!!!

3 Responses to “The Quick Brown Dog?”

  1. John

    Are you an Amateur Radio licensee Richard? I have been since the 1980’s. I use only the VHF and UHF bands these days. I don’t understand the brass horns in the video.

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Yes. I have been a radio amateur chap for a long time (G4LFE) but not very active. Having said that, now that we’re settled in Scotland, I’m thinking about investing in a new HF transceiver. Look out world! I’m an old CW man at heart. I do have a small HF/VHF transceiver which I could use but I’m looking for something that’ll let me wander the wonderful word of HF. I don’t understand the brass horns either but interesting that Morse code signals are used. There was also the sound of Russian jamming. Maybe it was an artist making and indirect political point. Small garden (yard!) here. Thinking about a multi band vertical. Also quite interested in the new phenomena of ‘radio’ over the Internet even if it does seem like cheating.

  3. John

    That is cheating! I wonder if the Russians were responsible for that damn woodpecker jamming signal, it was an over the horizon radar thing too?

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