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The Inner Harbour, MacDuff

The Inner Harbour, MacDuff - Richard Broom Photography
The Inner Harbour, MacDuff – Richard Broom Photography

12 Responses to “The Inner Harbour, MacDuff”

  1. John

    Nice photo Richard! The boats are stacked in there pretty tight. Kind of like stacking aircraft into hangars. I like the colour choices too. I’d be so sick though at sea!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    MacDuff has ann inner and outer harbour and, mostly, ships waiting for repair and refurbishment head for the inner harbour. Some of them get hauled out of the water and taken up the ‘slip’. Others are repaired in the harbour. The harbour dates back to the 1770s and so, in British terms, a new-build! The outer harbour is where the boats landing fish tend to park. Had just one fishing boat arrived tonight with a consignment of very nice looking prawns. And yes, the boats come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Perfect for photographs.

  3. John

    Cool, thanks for the info Richard. I know just enough history to know that the 1700’s is a new build! We are about 243 years young.

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    Look closely. We’re the country that brought you opium, the slave trade, concentration camps and we developed a seriously bad habit of going around the world stealing what wasn’t ours. I believe that we’re the only country to have carried out an act of total genocide. Every last Tasmanian – gone. We have much to be ashamed about!

  5. John

    Wow, OK. I stand corrected. The slave thing really pisses me off, no human has any right to own another. Sorry.

  6. Richard Broom Photography

    No, our proud history isn’t always something to be proud of! Mind you, way back, we brought the world a lot of science and technology. It’s not all bad news.

  7. John

    Of course not Richard, I have a very high regard for the United Kingdom. No country is perfect, both ours are a good example. We both have very good people who lover their countries and want to do the right thing in all ways.

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