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The View Across the Loch

The View Across the Loch - Richard Broom Photography
The View Across the Loch – Richard Broom Photography

13 Responses to “The View Across the Loch”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    The scenery is truly wonderful up in the Scottish highlands. We’ve been trying to catch sight of red squirrels (driven out down south by the invasive grey squirrels). Not luck yet and we’ve yet to see a capercaillie (a kind of grouse) but we haven’t seen one of those either. We were watching tree creepers over the past few days. Cute little chickens that run up and down trees.

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  2. Richard Broom Photography

    I think only grey and red in the UK. We used to be a country of red squirrels and then somebody brought the greys across from North America, released them into the wild and they have gradually pushed out the reds. The greys are prolific and are regarded as invaders!

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  3. John

    Shoot the damn things, they are after all, rodents! I’ve killed several over the years back north in Michigan, they can damage your home and dig too. Boom.


  4. John

    I know, that’s unfortunate in my view. That’ll never happen here. Americans love their guns…


  5. Richard Broom Photography

    I know, most people from who are not familiar with the UK find it hard to believe that most of our police officers don’t carry guns. That is changing, sadly. But guns don’t kill people, people kill people. As with everything in life, a small group of lunatics can spoil everything for the rest. I often wonder how much of my life has been wasted locking things up and unlocking them again so the things I have worked hard for are not stolen. Imagine a world without locks and keys. Imagine a world without passwords. And a world without fences and barriers. Oh dear….I seem to have left the planet again!

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  6. John

    Richard, I so agree that a small group of idiots ruin it for the lot of us! It’s like some gas/petrol stations carding me to buy booze. Hell, I’m 59! I put the beer back and go elsewhere… Guns are a hot topic no matter the country I think, your police officers will ultimately be safer packing heat. A few months ago I had a very nice alarm system installed on my home complete with multiple cameras. I had to based on a few things that have happened in my area. I also had a new safe installed for my most important documents. The safe is bolted to the concrete floor and weighs 500 pounds. What’s that tell ya…


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