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The fish(ing boat) out of water

The fish(ing boat) out of water
The fish(ing boat) out of water – Richard Broom Photography

12 Responses to “The fish(ing boat) out of water”

  1. John

    Wow, she needs a good hull scrubbing Richard! She’s got a rather deep draft too. I looove boats!

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Yup, despite us crashing out of the EU (the biggest political mistake ever!), there still seems to be a lot of trading going on. The waterways are very busy around Europe.

  3. John

    From my perspective, the UK never should have joined that EU thing. Just a bad idea.

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    The decision to leave has split this country pretty much down the middle. I’ve never seen anything like the arguments and nastiness that Brexit has generated in this country. More than a few believe that it will lead to the break up of the United Kingdom – in which case, we will find ourselves living in an independent Scotland and, if that happens, the Scots might (who knows?) vote to rejoin the EU. We live in interesting times.

  5. John

    Wow, thanks for the insight. I hope it doesn’t split. I think there was a referendum on leaving wasn’t there a few years ago?

  6. Richard Broom Photography

    The sum is usually greater than the parts but I fear, as a country, we’re currently in a downward spiral. Political upheaval everywhere. Stop the planet, I want to get off!!!

  7. John

    OM Gosh, I’ve said the same thing Richard, stop the planet! I’m sick of the violence and hatred. I believe the States has seen it’s best days, we too are spiraling downward. It’s all so negative sounding but then there’s the reality of it all.

  8. Richard Broom Photography

    Indeed. In the West I think people have either forgotten about or have never known the tragedy for war and other horrors. In other parts of the world they’ve got just too much war, famine, crime and oppression. Have been watching the holocaust memorials on the TV. Hard to believe that humans can behave with such savagery in the way they did during WW2. Let’s hope for a better world!

  9. John

    Generations of us have never seen war in our time, myself included. War on our soil that is. The way things are going….

  10. Richard Broom Photography

    Indeed. I was in the Cod War: – I’m not sure that counts as active military service though. The Mid East looks very unstable at the moment. Very sad. I’ve travelled to quite a few ME countries and have always been welcomed and have enjoyed wonderful hospitality. Beautiful countries. Tragic to see some of those countries torn apart. Let’s hope for a better world John.

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