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The Just Reward

One of my favourite boats often found in MacDuff Harbour

The Just Reward - Richard Broom Photography
The Just Reward – Richard Broom Photography

6 Responses to “The Just Reward”

  1. John

    Looks like a tough hull and with plenty of the latest electronics. 😎

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    She is one of the smaller fishing boats who stay here at MacDuff Harbour. She usually pops in and out on a daily basis. I think they’re still catching squid at the moment. I’ve learned that if we help them load and if the squid ink gets on your clothes, then we smell like skunks for about a week! Not nice!

  3. Richard Broom Photography

    Much talk over here about the fishing grounds being over-fished and, because the sea is becoming warmer, fish like cod are moving north to cooler waters and I wonder if they’re swimming out of range. Huge debates about fishing quotas not being recognised. Too many people and not enough fish + rampant greed. I hear the tuna population around the world is taking a serious battering. I imagine some people won’t be happy until the sea is empty. We are led by donkeys I’m afraid and so I fear for the next generation who might just go hungry.

  4. John

    I’ve heard the over-fishing thing before elsewhere but it may have some teeth. I hope that’s not the case Richard! We are led by Three-Toed Sloths here I think. I have to wonder why folks keep on popping out the babies considering the state of affairs on Planet Earth. Of course that’s none of my business…

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