The Utter Pointlessness of War

Over 57,000 aircrew were killed during World War 2 (46% death rate). I can’t help wondering how many more young men and women will be killed if fighting breaks out (again) in Iran/Iraq and beyond. Ultimately a pointless and tragic loss of human life. We never seem to learn.

The Utter Pointlessness of War – Richard Broom Photography

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  1. John – John is a Michigan native, 61 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites, both self-hosted and on the side. I enjoy WordPress and Instagram. Thanks for visiting my humble photoblog.
    John says:

    No we don’t. Ever. Seems all of recorded human history is littered with our hatred for each other and endless killing. I say it’s the work of the devil.

  2. It makes no sense but we humans just never seem to learn.

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