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The Quick Brown Dog?

Those of us (and we are a vanishing breed) who can send and receive Morse code will be able to pick out ‘The Quick Brown Dog’ sent in Morse code from this interesting video. I think it should be ‘The Quick Brown Fox’ but who cares. There was a time when I earned my living sending and receiving Morse code messages. Hard to believe these days but it does prove that I am a VERY OLD MAN!!!

The Saddest of Sad Stories

The cemetery at Marykirk Scotland had more than a few gravestones which tells a very sad story about child mortality in the 1800s. The records will show that many children died in the first few days, weeks and months of their lives. It must have been heartbreaking for the parents. Where would we be without modern medicine.

The Gravestone reads:

Erected by

Alexander Young

Engineer in Bombay and


His wife

In the memory of their children

Elizabeth Ann

Who died at Arbroat

21st September 1859

Aged 3 years


Who died at Bombay

13 August 1863

Aged 10 days

John Scott

who died at Bombay

13 April 1865

Aged 1 year and 7 month


Who died at Arbroath

4 October 1867

Aged 8 days

The Saddest of Sad Stories - Richard Broom Photography
The Saddest of Sad Stories – Richard Broom Photography

The Roman Well

We often walk along the beach from Banff to Whitehills (good place to buy fresh fish) and, on the way, we pass the old Roman Well (and I thought the Roman’s didn’t get this far north). It has been there since Roman times (AD 43 to AD 47) and so it was built around 2,000 years ago. They build things to last in Scotland!!! More about this small but nonetheless interesting building here.

I walked to Whitehills and back today and realised it is a 6 mile round-trip. Oh so very healthy!

The Roman Well - Richard Broom Photography
The Roman Well – Richard Broom Photography
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