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The Migraine Attack

Ever suffered the visual effects a migraine attack can bring on? This image below is an approximation of the visual disturbances I sometimes get on the rare occasions I get a migraine. Might be due to sudden atmospheric changes, or chocolate, or cheese, or too much of something.

The Migraine Attack - Richard Broom Photography
The Migraine Attack – Richard Broom Photography

8 Responses to “The Migraine Attack”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    Migraine is very strange. I’m lucky. I only get them every so often and the visual disturbance phase lasts around 10 minutes. There are reports that there is a link between Migraine and libido with some people feeling more sexually energised after a migraine. This proves there is always an upside!!!

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  2. John

    Wow I never heard of that! After three divorces I’m not much onion women except for sex, hence I just stay away. It’s not a good thing to use her for that when I have no other interest. I know this sounds really shitty…

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