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The Inexcusable Situation

The UK’s politicians – especially the Conservative Party politicians – should hang their sorry heads in shame…

“On Tuesday, a man died after being found sleeping next to the Hilton Hotel in Nottingham. On the same day, a homeless father-of-three was thought to have frozen to death in his tent in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

In Glasgow, a 43-year-old homeless man was found dead inside a car park on November 17. 

In another case, a pub landlord in Bury attempted to save a homeless man on November 15, but he later suffered “a medical episode” and died in hospital.

On November 4, a man believed to be in his 50s was found dead in a small park in Camden.” Source Huffinton Post.

The reality is, we need Boris Johnson and his shabby friends like we need cholera.

The Inexcusable Situation - Richard Broom Photography
The Inexcusable Situation – Richard Broom Photography

5 Responses to “The Inexcusable Situation”

  1. John

    We have tons of homeless here in Vegas, some die from sleeping in the flood control ditches. Homeless are all over the valley pushing shopping carts down the streets. This sadness is everywhere as far as I’m concerned and it’s a damn shame. Some of it is government failure, some has got to be because of the homeless person’s doings and failures.


  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Situation here seems worse. We’ve been away from the UK for six years in Holland where we didn’t see too many homeless people. Since we got home and especially in the cities, there seems to be far more people sleeping on the streets. We’re one of the world’s leading economies (despite Brexit!!!) and I think it is pitiful that people are having to sleep on the streets. But, we have a hopeless government and goodness knows what we’ll get after the election next week. Seems to be a choice between bad and awful. What is the world coming to!!

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  3. John

    I hope so! We have the Democraps trying to impeach a sitting president for what I see as imaginary things he said or did but mostly because he defends our constitution and way of life. Doesn’t want socialism in America.

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