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The meaning of ‘GR’

If you visit the United Kingdom and see a post box (like the one below) with ‘GR’ on the front, this means that the postbox was installed during the reign of King George V (1910-1936). In those days we British folk used to build thing that would last for a long time. The ‘G’ stands for George of course and the ‘R’ stands for Rex (Latin for King).

The post box below is still very much in service and it is located near to Banff High Street and long may it remain there. Let’s hope this post box and many other things can survive the complete pillock who is currently living at No 10 Downing Street.

2 Responses to “The meaning of ‘GR’”

  1. John

    This is amazing, thank you for explaining the meaning Richard. Today things including cars are built cheap.

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    I don’t think they make postboxes like they used to. These old post boxes (pillar boxes) will last for hundreds of years. Modern stuff rots away in about 10 mins!

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