The Patient Rock

It occurred to me that this Scottish rock has been waiting patiently for, perhaps, millions of years for me to happen along with my camera. I can’t help wondering if anyone else has ever photographed this particular lump of broadly unspectacular but colourful rock. It is a bit of a geological jigsaw puzzle…

The Patient Rock – Richard Broom Photography

6 Replies to “The Patient Rock”

  1. We’ve been looking at the rocks here and recognise we know nothing about geology. Huge rocks on the beach being worn away over the years. There has to be a story there….

  2. We could use your help Maureen. There are some very colourful rocks and pebbles on the beach here and we’re stacking them on top of one of our radiators. We have a rock collection but no knowledge of rocks!

  3. So many different types of stones here on the beach. Not sure where they come from.

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