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The Coastal Defences (2)

It takes more a little more than a King Canute type approach to hold back the tides and the sometime furious seas here in Banff, Scotland. Ironically, we have a number of politicians about us these days who think they have supernatural powers – but, it turns out, like Canute – they do not!! It is quiet clear (especially from the image below) that, thankfully, our coastal defences are more effective and in much better shape than the grubby crop of duplicitous politicians we have to put up with these days…

The Coastal Defences (2) - Richard Broom Photography
The Coastal Defences (2) – Richard Broom Photography

5 Responses to “The Coastal Defences (2)”

  1. Richard Broom Photography

    Yup and we (in the UK) seem to have got the very worst people. So many lies and so much pitiful squabbling. Children behave better. Boris John is an embarrassment!

  2. John

    Our bike Democraps are an embarrassment! So vile and hate food anything Conservative like me. They need to leave the country forever.

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