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The Way Down…

The Way Down - Richard Broom Photography
The Way Down – Richard Broom Photography

3 Responses to “The Way Down…”

  1. John

    This is interesting how the belt has no steps yet goes downward! Never seen anything like it over here…

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    They’re quite common here. I have a feeling they might be designed so people in wheelchairs can get access. They have them at Schipol Airport too. The Dutch are very switched on. Great engineers too – they have to be because much of the Netherlands is below sea level. Water management and engineering is a critical thing here in the ‘low countries.’

  3. John

    I like them! Our New Orleans is also built below sea level which is just insane, why! Those folks best not complain when the levees break and they lose everything…Katrina remembered.

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