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The Red Breasted Chicken

The Red Breasted Chicken - Richard Broom Photography
The Red Breasted Chicken – Richard Broom Photography

7 Responses to “The Red Breasted Chicken”

  1. Stella

    Hahaha lol! Well I’m sure they all taste like chicken! Yard bird! Haha you made me laugh! You are cute

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Why thank you. Trade secret: I used to take photographs of aircraft in museums. I was given a very tight window of opportunity and so I would rush around taking as many photographs as I could in the time allowed. This meant I had no time to check the name of the aircraft was. It’s the same with chickens. If only the little critters would sit still for a while whilst I photograph them. Generally, chickens of all varieties are, in my experience, very uncooperative!

  3. Stella

    Ohhh lol! So did you come up with your own names for the aircraft? Chickens are jittery little suckers from what I’ve seen! You do so well to capture them.

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