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The Radio Officer

A young Radio Officer on a North Sea Derrick Barge (The DB22) in the 1970s. The same young man went on to become a fat, ugly, bald and toothless old geezer. The same old geezer had hair in those days – and he was a little slimmer!

The Radio Officer - Richard Broom Photography
The Radio Officer – Richard Broom Photography

4 Responses to “The Radio Officer”

  1. John

    Look at your hair! We both had long hair years ago in days of old. This is where your ham radio hobby began Richard?


  2. Richard Broom Photography

    It was the other way round. I got interested in amateur radio as a youngster and then found my way into marine radio. Of course, I am now a dinosaur. They no longer carry Radio Officers on merchant ships. Pity, because, if they did, I’d go back like a shot today!

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  3. John

    Well why is a Radio Officer less important?

    Update to today, a Specialist in this field makes solid sense. Add to this other ways and modes of communications, the opportunities must be huge.

    Cripes, I’m considering a purchase of an all-mode VHF-UHF Base radio for the home. Just finished a sweet radio install in my truck yesterday.


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