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The Oak Processionary Moth

We’ve spotted a number of these ‘nests’ made by the Oak Processionary Moths in nearby oak trees here in the Netherlands. We’ve never seen them ever before. That’s global warming for you Mr Trump!!!

But, before blaming Mr Trump too much, it looks like we British might be responsible for introducing this particular (and toxic) pest into Europe. More information here.

The Oak Processionary Moth - Richard Broom Photography
The Oak Processionary Moth – Richard Broom Photography

7 Responses to “The Oak Processionary Moth”

  1. John

    Come on Richard, Mr. Trump is no more guilty of this than I am of jumping over the moon. You sound like an American Liberal which isn’t even a party here.

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Ha ha. No, only joking. But it would be good if the US was part of the climate accord again. Far too much plastic floating around and we do need to clean up our act. They are hoping to ban diesel engines here soon and in other European countries. I think we’ll all be electric sooner or later. Running a petrol/diesel vehicle here getting more an more expensive (fuel, tax). Our roads in the UK are heavily congested in places. there must be a better and cleaner way…

  3. John

    All countries need to stop dumping plastic, period, now that’s a disgusting mess and problem. I never did, never will approve of being part of such an accord, nor will I ever believe in the idea of global warming.

    It exists only in the minds of those who wish to control large populations. How American Liberal (libtards) of them. It’s a global lie that has been used to brain wash all, including innocent children.

    Diesel engines in small cars seemsmuch more popular there than here, they exist but not even close to the number of petrol engines in use in Europe. Diesels are mostly in large commercial trucks here, and more recently in full size pickup trucks.

    You are being taxed to death by those in the shadows who hate diesel and petrol, yet prefer to use windmills and solar to power cars and trucks, a dumb idea. More so when that electricity comes from a Nuke plant. I’ll drive my full size pickup truck with it’s 262 CID V-6 engine until hell freezes over.
    I’d love to see how the tree huggers plan on getting an Airbus A320 to fly with solar or windmill power….

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    Agree. We’re not well-placed to complain with a great big diesel engine in our boat! I’m sure combustion engines will fade away but it will take many years. I’m sure there will come a time when people will talk about the time when we used diesel/petrol (sorry, gas) vehicles. The biggest problem is that battery technology just hasn’t got what it takes at the moment but, I’m sure they clever folk will work it out one day. I don’t think I’ll see electric aircraft. But, funny story. All the tourist boats in Amsterdam are now required to have electric engines but, I’m told, because of the lack of charging points, they have to bring in diesel generators to recharge the batteries in the boats. It all goes to prove, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Oh for a clean and peaceful world!

  5. John

    That’s both funny and sad that generators are needed! Eliminate the electric motors. Electric cars and I don’t get along. I use the word Petrol once in a while, the word Gas or Gasoline makes me cringe!

  6. Richard Broom Photography

    I’m sure they’ll work out the generator problem in Amsterdam. They are hugely efficient in Holland and when things need doing, they get done. I think this might be because many parts of the Netherland are below sea level. In face, Schipol Airport used to be under the sea! I’ve never driven an electric vehicle but I’m sure that, sooner or later, petrol/diesel engines will be museum pieces…

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