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The Dirty Disgusting City

I don’t come back to my home country often but, this time, I was so very shocked when I saw the amount of litter on the streets. The parts of London I have visited are covered in litter, discarded fast food joint wrappers, broken bottles and worse. London, it would appear, has become one gigantic and disgusting rubbish tip. The government should hang its head in deep shame.

The Dirty Disgusting City - Richard Broom Photography
The Dirty Disgusting City – Richard Broom Photography

5 Responses to “The Dirty Disgusting City”

  1. John

    I’m sorry about this Richard, I agree with you. Be assured, this same mess goes on here in Las Vegas too. Some folks were never taught to clean up after themselves and respect others and their surroundings. 😖

  2. House of Heart

    Holland is beautiful and well kept. It seems our big cities are falling by the wayside! Wonderful photo Richard.

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