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The Days of Steam Radio

I was inspired by John’s posting about Steam Radio on his Las Vegas Photoblog.

There are a diminishing number of us radio old timers around these days. And the number of us who can use Morse code is also falling away. Only the Amateur Radio folks keep Morse code alive.

This video below was taken of me between 1993-1995 when we lived in Cyprus. I held the Cypriot Amateur Radio callsign 5B4AFC and used Morse code exclusively. My old ‘squeeze keyer‘ morse key – an ETM3C – has been with me for well over 40 years now and is still going strong. People, in these days of nearly instant global communications, find it hard to believe that, when I started out as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer in1972, Morse code was our only way of sending data from ship to shore. Happy days!

Richard – 5B4AFC

One Response to “The Days of Steam Radio”

  1. John

    Great video Richard! Samuel Morse would not be happy that his invention is falling away today would he… Thank you for mentioning my blog!


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