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The Patient Dog…

Our dog, Katy, waiting patiently in the wheelhouse for her morning walk. Humans can be SO lazy and unresponsive!

The Patient Dog...

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  1. fionaharvey2019

    Hey Richard — started a fresh new blog –a new poetic muse [a CIA operative & old lover from my university days] as elusive as my last one (my nickname for Him: the Glimmer Man for a Steven Segal film role -in & out before they know it) who, with others, has been ‘looking after’ my ‘best interests’ (wink, wink) in eluding an abuser/stalker, since 1992, with bad intentions toward me-an evil, vile creature whom I understand is wanted ‘dead or alive’. How I ever hooked up with ‘it’???

    So anyway I’m doing well. Howzit with You & Sue?

  2. fionaharvey2019

    Hey Richard — started yet another fresh blog–with my new pen name d/b/a Fiona Lawrence Harvey
    BTW this is Emma Beane — pondering making ‘Fi’ my legal name–looking for input… Emma Beane was my old nom de plume before I went thru the court to make it legal…
    Boy do I have stories I could tell, currently developing in my head — For it I’ve created a business: “Psychic Sidekicks Investigations” with me as founder, Fiona Harvey, and a corporate roster…
    Anyway, I’m okay & still wondering howzit go with You & Sue? –

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