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The Swing of Things…

Just getting back into the swing of things when it comes to writing my blog. The WordPress interface seems to have changed. Think I preferred the old one.

In the meantime, here’s an image of the most beautiful Romanian woman I know…

The Romanian Woman
The Romanian Woman

7 Responses to “The Swing of Things…”

  1. John

    You can still use the original editor. That stupid Block editor stinks, period.

  2. Richard Broom Photography

    Have to admit, I prefer the old editor. But then, increasingly, I find myself out of step with the youth of today and modern technology! I’m an old geezer!! King’s Day in Amsterdam tomorrow and so will be blowing the dust off the camera and taking a photograph or two. It has been a while!!! Trust all is well in Las Vegas. Richard,

  3. John

    Thanks Richard, all is well indeed over here. Look forward to seeing your photos from the big day. I’m 58 but feel older some days but my brain says I’m still 20 years young! I’ll use the old editor until WP removes it one day which I hope they don’t.

  4. Richard Broom Photography

    Ha ha. Yes!! My brain tells me I’m still 21 but my body somehow disagrees. My camera has been gathering dust for the past few months. I lost my photographic mojo for some reason but, about to get back in the saddle! Rain yesterday and so I gave The King’s Day party in Amsterdam a miss (fair-weather photographer these days). I’ll have to try and find the old interface which I much prefer. The block editor thing is, I think (and what do I know?!) a backward step. Trust all is well out in the desert! R

  5. John

    Oh heck yes that block thing is a serious step backward. WP needs to catch up with the times as others have such as Square Space. If it weren’t for the wonderful sense of community here, I would have left WP a good bit ago.

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