THE FILM REVIEW (FR2) – Arctic Heart

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It isn’t every day that you hear the words penguin and eroticism mentioned in the same sentence but the French language film Arctic Heart (AKA Le Secret des Banquises) has both penguins and some tasteful, if not slightly whacky, sex scenes.  Some mouse sex even!  Apart from all that, the film is interestingly different and certainly out of the ordinary.  Excellent cinemaphotography.  This film, staring Charlotte Le Bon and Guillaume Canet hovers, easily, somewhere between drama and comedy.

I give this film a Photo Nomad 9/10 rating.

I especially enjoyed the performance of the two lead characters.  And, oddly, the off-beat and almost irregular comedy in this film works really well – science goes mad but not in a terrible way.  Charlotte Le Bon gives a fine performance as a fragile and sensitive young lady.  To say any more would give away the plot of this delightful film.  This is a film for those with a romantic heart.

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