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The Girl

The Girl

The Girl

9 Responses to “The Girl”

  1. The Photonomad

    Thank you and sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been a bit busy with things over here. Not least of all our central heating system which stopped working. How dare it!!!???

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  2. The Photonomad

    Almost. The replacement parts are here and the engineer is coming next week to install all the new bits and pieces – including something which is called, interestingly, a Tiger Loop. It sounds really quite exotic!!! Hope all is well at your end. R

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  3. House of Heart

    Oh, I certainly hope so . We are still in the mid 70’s here…everything is still green and blooming. Actually a little fall nuance would be nice!


  4. House of Heart

    It must be very lovely! A trip to Europe is overdue here, the tropics are never ending with their humid green and lush flowers. I have a new bird this winter settled in the eaves of my porch. Last year an American Robin, this one seems to be a black bird. He’s been here since Irma blew through. Have a lovely day! Hope your heat is working.


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