The Healthy Start To The Day!

The funny thing about Costa Coffee shops in the UK is the glass they serve coffee in.  The glass is very top heavy and easily falls over when the tray with the glass on it is being carried.  Makes no sense to me (and the coffee isn’t that wonderful either!). Sorry Costa.

The Healthy Start To The Day!

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  1. They are very strange. They topple over so easily. Crazy design. But, the best coffee in the world is here in the Netherlands in the real cafes (sorry but Starbucks, Costa etc, just don’t cut it for me).

  2. Starbucks literally stinks. There’s one in my local grocer, you must pass it to get into the store. Stinky, burned smell fills the air.

    I’ve had people become irritated with me when I get on about my dislike for StarButts. I mean StarBucks…

  3. Know what you mean. The coffee in Amsterdam’s cafes is so very good. Will keep you awake for a week!

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