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  1. Thank you. Very different to modern airliners. When my children were small they could ask to go and visit the pilot when we were flying somewhere. Due to terrorism, that’s all stopped now. I’m also old enough to remember passing through Heathrow Airport (or London Airport as it was then) and there was absolutely no security. You just bought your ticket and jumped on a plane. Happy days! Terrorists are mean spirited evil people who have much to answer for.

  2. I remember a different world when I flew to Europe in 1993. Such a pity the world has become such a frightening place . This is a unique and beautiful photo R

  3. They have several old passenger aircraft at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford in the UK. They also have a huge collection of American aircraft in a separate, purpose built, hangar. Now, if we spent all that money on research (cancer research day) and not on war planes, rockets, guns etc, I’m sure we would be better off. Dreaming on!

  4. Indeed. I’m sure there’s enough money in the world to solve many of problems. But, the world’s problems seem to be intensifying at the moment and not much willingness to solve them. We can but hope for improvement.

  5. It certainly does. Live is for living! R

  6. Well, its up to us to keep memories alive and kicking!

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