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A Fabulous British Invention!

We’ve just taken delivery of a Brennan B2.  Such a great British invention if you like music.  We used to have 100s of CDs. We have now loaded them into the Brennan and it is like having your own personal juke box. Better even still, we can access 100s of Internet radio stations from around the world. Who would have guessed that music from Bellarus was so interesting! With the web interface, you can skip through your music, create playlists and so much more. A fabulous invention!

The Brennan B2

The Brennan B2


8 Responses to “A Fabulous British Invention!”

  1. The Photonomad

    All of that music which has been sitting on the shelf not listened to for years and years. A huge nostalgia trip over the past couple of days and it all goes to prove, you’re never too old to rock and roll!

  2. The Photonomad

    Was watching the TV last night. Seems that during WW2 we had invented the cavity magnetron but limited production capability and so a chap put one in a tin box and took it over to the US where they stepped up work on radar system. Without the magnetron, we would never have got microwave ovens. I understand that the chap who thought up microwave ovens noticed that chocolate melted when he put it near a magnetron. So, every time you stick something in your microwave oven, think of us British!

  3. John

    Amazing story, and I’m familiar with that word. Magnetron. Sounds like a cartoon character.

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