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The Really Cheesy Self-portrait

Taken outside a cheese shop in Edam, Netherlands, which is, of course, famous because of its cheese. Me – less famous but very cheesy!

The Really Cheesy Self-portrait

The Really Cheesy Self-portrait

8 Responses to “The Really Cheesy Self-portrait”

  1. Rebel Girl

    I love cheese! Are those wheel s of Gouda? The only kind I like is the ones brought right from Holland. You are lucky to be in a place where cheese is a staple! My brother-in-law went there and said they had platters of it at a minimal cost.

  2. The Photonomad

    Thanks John – a cheesy old photographer! Just back from the UK and need to get some fresh images up but taking it easy today after chasing around London for a day or so.

  3. John

    Lucky man, I’d love to visit London. I’ve been in London, Ontario when I lived in Canada but I guess it doesn’t qualify… heh…

  4. The Photonomad

    Well, I didn’t see much of London. Picked up a hire car at the airport, went to the hotel at the airport and the following day went to a meeting not far from the airport. All in a day’s work! I had a meal in the hotel – perhaps the worst fish I have ever tasted. Oh yuk!

  5. John

    Sorry about that fish! I hope it was struck from your bill. Not surprised to a point though as some of the hotel food I’ve had ranges from delightful to detestable. A TV dinner may be better.

  6. The Photonomad

    I don’t think we do TV dinners over in the UK. British food often gets criticised, especially by our near neighbours, The French, who, it has to be said, do take their food much more seriously than we do!

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