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The Spoor 1 People

The Spoor 1 People

The Spoor 1 People

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  1. The Photonomad

    I think that’s the tram stop. Very organised in Holland, the trams, trains and buses all meet in one place. We do it very differently in the UK. The bus and train stations are often not near to each other and very few trams in the UK. But, my biggest beef (one of many!) about my home country is the almost complete lack of proper cycle lanes. Grrrrr.

  2. John

    That does sound better organised, and there are bike lanes all over Las Vegas. Signs tell drivers to Share The Road with cyclists.

  3. The Photonomad

    They have similar in the UK. A white strip segregating cars from cycles on the road. I used to cycle into work in London but the bit of the road given over to cyclists was full of potholes, manhole covers, drains and, more often than not, parked cars. But you can say one thing about cycling in the UK and in London in particular. It’s excitingly dangerous! Not for the faint hearted for sure!

  4. John

    I’m curious why you’ve chose to live in Holland vs the UK. But that’s a nosy question!

  5. The Photonomad

    A quite simple answer really. The UK has a great many canals but they are mostly narrow (hence all the narrow boats

    Our boat is a classified as a broad beam and so it won’t fit on many of the UK canals and so travel in the UK is limited. Over here in the mainland European countries they built wider canals and make greater use of their rivers and so we’re can travel far and wide on the European mainland. For example, we can cover a great deal of the Netherlands, Germany, France easily (but quite slowly). We can even work our way down to the Black Sea and across to Russia if we felt the need. We haven’t been to France yet but we could go down the Rhone canal to the Mediterranean. As a consequence, most Piper Boats broad beam (Lucie is one) owners head for the European mainland. A great life!

  6. John

    Thats amazing, thanks very much for the education! I’ve noticed that many canals in England are very narrow indeed, some of the boats are sooo narrow!

  7. The Photonomad

    Yes indeed. The canals were originally used for industrial purposes but fell out of fashion when trucks became more viable. The canals, for a time, mostly fell into disrepair but enthusiasts started to refurbish the canals in the UK and now there are used mostly for leisure. Our boat is twice the width of a narrow boat and so a little more spacious but, having said that, some of the modern narrow boats are very comfortable. We have thought about downsizing to a narrow boat. A great way to see the beauty of the British countryside.

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