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The Speedboat

The Speedboat

The Speedboat

4 Responses to “The Speedboat”

  1. John

    There’s something about wood boats that has always drawn me to them because of growing up on the lake. They look so different and handle different than their fibreglass cousins.

  2. The Photonomad

    Agree. The wooden boats look a lot more stylish but a bit of a maintenance nightmare if rot sets in. Some of the most stylish wooden speed boats I’ve seen are on the Italian lakes. Beautiful boats. There are a handful of timber boats here in the marinas in Monnickendam but mostly fibre or (like us) steel. Many years ago when I was in the Merchant Navy, we would sail down the Great Lakes. Some of the old Lake Boats (some over 100 years old) were fabulous boats. I’m guessing they’re still plodding up and down the Lakes? We used to go to Chicago and pick up steel from the steel works there. Wonder if the steel works in Chicago is still open? Many (all?) of our steel works in the UK have closed I think.

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