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The Son

The Son

The Son

10 Responses to “The Son”

  1. John

    Love these last few facial photos Richard, well done sir! 👍🏻

  2. The Photonomad

    Thank you. I am a frustrated portrait photographer. Before we moved onto the boat, had my own lighting system but not enough storage space on the boat for the kit which comes with my hobbies (photography, amateur radio).

  3. John

    Sorry about the space issue, you do great work! Some radio gear takes little space, can’t squeeze a small VHF in? I never ask about call signs in this space.

  4. The Photonomad

    I do have an Icom 7000 in the wheelhouse but never get around to using it. I really should dust down my morse key and blast out a few dots and dashes! R

  5. John

    I see. I forgot all my morse long ago. I actually much prefer VHF/UHF

  6. The Photonomad

    I’m an old steam radio man. The IC7000 covers VHF/UHF/HF but you have to switch it on for it to work!!! I really must get on the air. G4LFE and over here in the Netherlands G4LFE/PA. Used to be 5B4AFC and HS1ANU in another life. I’ll see if I can’t crank up the IC7000 soon. I bought it when we got the boat and have hardly used it. A terrible waste!

  7. John

    That’s a different kind of call! Like it. that’s a nice looking radio. Seems most rigs today are ditching the old analog signal meter, the needle type which I always liked. That baby must have set you back plenty of change!

  8. The Photonomad

    Yes. I really should blow the dust off it and commit communications! I have a couple of portable aerials that are hidden in the engine room somewhere. I have to go back to the UK next week for a few days. Perhaps when I get back from there.

  9. John

    I joined one of several clubs in the valley. I will be attending the monthly meeting later this month and hope to make some friends here. I’ve lived completely alone here for a year now and it’s a bit tough…

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