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The Yellow Nose

The Yellow Nose

The Yellow Nose

8 Responses to “The Yellow Nose”

  1. John

    Nice! Dual counter rotation props? I’ve seen those on a Volvo stern drive for boats.

  2. The Photonomad

    I’ve never quite worked out the advantages of having contra-rotating propellors. Above my pay grade!

  3. John

    Agreed, I’ve never seen any advantage in the marine application except possibly chewing up weeds better. Seems like the first prop would create a severe vortex for the second in both applications as in a serious cavitation.

  4. The Photonomad

    I bow to your knowledge on this one but presume two props better than one. Clever stuff. Have been a bit tied up at this end (boat chores etc) over the past couple of days and so light blogging. Thinking about hitting Amsterdam on the push bike on Thursday to do some more photography. Stay tuned! R

  5. John

    I’ve been a captain of smaller craft for years and understand much about marine power. Dad and I raced 1/4 drag boats in the 1970’s. now I live in a desert! 😳🤔😬🌴🔥

  6. The Photonomad

    Oddly, I was born as far as you can get from the sea in the UK and nobody in my family was a seafarer and yet I ended up at sea because of my interest in steam radio. My father was a Royal Air Force radio engineer and so, like you, was probably influenced by the ‘Old Chap.’ I was talking to the current wife today and we were discussing what we would have been in career terms if we’d known then, what we know now. I think I would have like to have been a sound engineer working in a recording studio or for bands on the road. A bit late for a change of career now. So, given you live in a desert, what ambitions (unrealised or otherwise) do you have?

  7. John

    Maybe you can work for Abbey Road Studios! I’d love to visit that studio, so much musical history.

  8. The Photonomad

    Have never been there or across the famous zebra crossing outside. Not sure if it is open to the public but a lot of musical history there.

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